When you become a customer, we roll up our sleeves and get to work to remove all unnecessary IT cost anywhere we can find it. The first thing we do is eliminate capital expenditure on all your laptops and desktops. As soon as your computers reach the end of their natural life, we replace it for free. A Tru Technical Partner customer never has to pay to replace a desktop or laptop.

We do not rest until every single wasted dollar is found and eliminated. That’s our superpower. We know IT systems. We can find savings that you can’t see. When we’re done, not one ounce of useless IT fat remains anywhere in your business. The hidden benefit is that lean systems actually run faster! Your IT experience is transformed from one of bloated budgets and frequent frustration to working with a fast, reliable, tailored computer system and a Total Cost of Ownership Scrooge himself would approve.

We know very business in unique. So, while a low TCO is vital is it also critical to make sure your computer systems work exactly they way you need them to work. Which is why we work with you to fully understand your business and ambitions.

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How We Help You Thrive

Expert Managed Services

Our team of certified IT professionals are trained in industry best practice.
This proven and robust blueprint for success ensures your digital resources quickly become
more reliable, efficient, cost effective and cyber secure after you hire us.
You want zero downtime. We work to keep digital devices up and running through best practice preventative maintenance.
You want costs kept to minimum needed to support your business plan. We never stop searching for ways to improve efficiency and drive down costs.
You want increased productivity. We configure your infrastructure to keep digital devices both available and responsive.
The cyber security software we deploy to secure your network won three gold medals in last year's Cyber Security Excellence Awards.

Beyond Technology

We do more for you than reduced downtime, responsive service, and cost-effective solutions. We work with you to make sure your IT Infrastructure is a perfect fit for your business strategy.
Professional Staff
Only the best engineers are hired.
All Tru Technical Partners engineers are required to be certified in every major technology typically found in a small and medium sized business.
IT Support
8-5 Support & Emergency.
Our call center is in California and staffed by fully qualified engineers fluent in English.
Competitive Advantage
The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. Tru Technical Partners provides Managed Services for a business surrounded by the Internet of Things (IoT)
From Los Angeles To The San Francisco Bay Area

Trusted By Over 500 California Companies

“We recently had a server crash where lost half our data! Tru Technical Partners had our data backed up. They had us restored and back in business in just a couple of hours.”

Cindy Wiggins, CPA

“Cyber attack after cyber attack hitting companies all around me – but I’ve stopped worrying. Tru Technical Partners’ cybersecurity solution makes sure we are not the next Mossack Fonseca.”

Frank Gartner, Attorney

Your business, whether it’s big or small, needs a robust IT framework in place to help you operate with more efficiency and higher productivity. Properly managed IT support also helps you increase your cybersecurity effectiveness and improve your cost-benefit ratios.
Managed IT Services
Having an in-house IT department is costly. This is why it makes sense to outsource this function.
Data Protection & Backup
Backup solutions ensure you can access a copy of your data in case of primary data failure. This is best left to experts.
Cyber Security
We deliver an award winning cybersecurity solution bolstering your firewall against next generation threats.
IT Infrastructure
Our management services ensure your IT infrastructure is operating optimally and without interruption.
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286 E. Hamilton Avenue, Campbell CA 95008
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